Design and Code an Adventure Game

Learn to code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to design your own adventure game!

About the Camp:

Students will be introduced to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and will be building their very first adventure game. They will practice the fundamentals of video game development and use techniques like flowcharting to plan their games. The hands-on exercises and individual activities will help students gain clarity in the world of game development.

In addition to learning programming, students will improve their computational thinking skills, become better collaborators and effective presenters. This course is a great introduction for students with or without prior coding experience.

Learn Tech Skills
• Coding languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript
• Game Development and Design
• Story Development

Learn Soft Skills
• Computational Thinking
• Problem Solving
• Creative Thinking and Design

Camp Details:

Ages: 8-10 years old

Dates and Times: 14-17th April, Tuesday to Friday at 9:00AM-12:00PM

Pricing: HK$2,640