Create a Digital Character with Code

Code any creature you want with their unique looks, behaviors and personalities!

About the Camp:

Whether you engineer a friendly digital unicorn or a super scary three-headed monkey dragon – students will have a blast and transform their imagination into reality.

Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, students can customize their pet or creature to give it a unique personality, appearance, and behaviors. Students explore programming fundamentals in a creative camp to bring their designs to life and share them with family and friends long after camp ends.

Learn Tech Skills
• Coding languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript
• Character Development

• Character Design

Learn Soft Skills
• Logical Thinking
• Design Thinking
• Creative Thinking

Camp Details:

Ages: 8-10 years old

Dates and Times: 14-17th April, Tuesday to Friday at 1:00PM-4:00PM

Pricing: HK$2,640