Explore the world of Technology during holidays!


Innovation Academy STEAM Camps introduce kids to various real world technologies and digital skills they can explore during their school holidays.

We offer camps around programming, app development, game development, robotics, 3D printing, entrepreneurship and more. Each holiday camp has different offerings.

STEAM camps during holidays, benefit children by exposing them to skills beyond academics, allowing them to apply what they learn at school in a different context or environment, as well as encourage well-rounded development.

Our camps are 3-5 days long to allow students to dive into their interests in technology in short yet more intensive durations to maximize what they can explore and learn during the holiday.

Student even get to collaborate and make new friends while exploring new areas of their interests and broadening their perspectives, whether its in person or virtually!


What Parents Are Saying

“We have tried quite a few online classes since last year and Innovation Academy is definitely the best. Their teaching style is very engaging, the teachers are responsive and attentive to each student. My son really benefits from their interactive dynamic teaching approach. The teachers are very patient and they always explain everything in depth so it is very easy for kids to understand.”
Pei Pei Chum
Parent, Developer's Club
"Chelsea, a third-grader has been taking virtual classes with instructor Karan twice a week for more than a month now. Learning from basic Microsoft office skills, to building websites, Chelsea has excelled. Thank you for inspiring!"
Jacinth Seto
Parent, 1-1 Virtual Classes
“With the challenge of having to stay home and finding something fun to do indoors, I am glad my kids enjoy learning coding and creating with Innovation Academy. They really look forward to their online classes as they still get expert help, learn a new skill and create something new!”
Janice Lao
Parent, Virtual Classes & STEAM Camps
"My 7 year old daughter has had the HAPPIEST time at Innovation Academy. She is so inspired. And if she didn’t have it in the afternoon to look forward to, i think she would refuse to go to her other classes. She’s so excited about coding!"
May Yeung
Parent, STEAM Camps