Developers Club

An after-school program that allows young learners to pursue
advanced and engaging technology learning through code.


Our approach for regular coding classes are personalized with real-world project-based learning. It is designed to teach students to create with technology using three of the most versatile and widely-used coding languages today – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Personalized Journey
Project Based Learning
Real World Challenges
21st Century Knowledge and Skills

The Student Journey
1. Ideation

Plan, design and formulate ideas on what they want to build

2. Creation

Learn new digital skills, build their own projects and grow their tech portfolio

3. Application

Share their portfolio and apply their skills to the real world

Students will be given various projects to work on as well as extended activities to engage and push them further to foster 21st Century knowledge and digital skills. Depending on their progress and interests, they will also build and create projects of their own.

All the projects they will work on are relevant, authentic and timely as students learn and absorb more if they work on things that matter. Students will also learn from instructors who have both the qualifications and hands-on experience to challenge them to tackle more complex tech projects.

Learn Tech Skills

• JS
• Digital competency

Stay up to date with your kid’s digital skill development with our monthly progress reports!

Learn to Build

• Personalized Websites
• Fun 2D Games
• Web-based Apps
• Exciting Quizzes
• and many more!

Learn Soft Skills

• Computational Thinking
• Design Thinking
• Logical Thinking
• Problem Solving
• Planning/ Wire-framing
• Presentation Skills
• Confidence
• Creativity

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Spring Intake
Class # Wednesday Saturday
1 14 Apr 17 Apr
2 21 Apr 24 Apr
3 28 Apr 8 May
4 5 May 15 May
5 12 May 22 May
6 26 May 29 May
7 2 Jun 5 Jun
8 9 Jun 12 Jun
9 16 Jun 19 Jun
10 23 Jun 26 Jun


Must: Aged 7+, at least has basic knowledge and experience of Technology (typing, using a mouse, etc.)

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