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Making kids future-ready with 21st Century digital skills
“Not everyone will be a programmer, but everyone will work with Technology." Chris Geary, CEO of BSD Education

No one knows what careers and the workplace will look like in the future and how exactly we should prepare our kids for them, but with the advancements of our digital world – we are sure they will work with technology.

The knowledge of digital skills help kids understand the world around them and how it functions, as well as help inspire them to create sustainable solutions using tools like coding and computational thinking

Innovation Academy was created to help bring real-world digital skills to kids and teens in Hong Kong. We do this through regular after school and Saturday courses, as well as STEAM Camps during the holidays.

Why Learn Coding?

Coding is more than just a technical skill. Students engaged in coding projects and activities will also develop a wide range of soft skills. In fact, when we talk to employers, we find that digital skills are the key to open doors, but the most important part of turning the opportunity into reality is being able to demonstrate the soft skills that go with them, including:

Problem Solving

Abstract Thinking
Project Planning
Attention to Detail

Why Learn With Us?
8:1 Student to Teacher Ratio

Students are ensured they receive equal attention and quality support from our professional Instructors, making an engaging and interactive learning environment.

Project-Based Learning

No matter which course or camp students attend, after learning the basic concepts and fundamentals, we encourage students to align their projects with their interests!

Real World Application

For our students, the learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. We encourage students to create solutions with Technology for problems they see in their daily lives.

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